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Bio-inspired Sensors for Biomimetic Robots

Biomimetic robot research was initiated with the inspiration from the mobility, functionality and the intelligent operation of biological creatures.

We investigate motion sensors and structural mechanisms to be able to carry out missions such as reconnaissance and surveillance.

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Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) with a combination of Vision and MEMS Inertial Sensor

SLAM is a computational technology such as constructing and updating a map of unknown environment. NML is interested in developing the SLAM algorithm for home service robot.

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MEMS Ion traps for Quantum Information Processing

Ion trap is the most significant device for long-distance quantum communication. We developed the ion trap for the first time in Asia using unique MEMS technologies.

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Micro Sensor with a Combination of Unique MEMS and CMOS Technologies.

Based on unique know-hows developed by NML since 1991, various micro sensors have been researched and commercialized for numerous applications.

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Tuningless, High-performance Servo Drive Control

High-performance and high-precision servo drive control technologies without tuning processes have been developed for various industrial applications. Numerous NML technologies have been commercialized and applied to various industrial environments.

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Retinal Prosthetic System using MEMS, CMOS, and Bio technologies

Retinal prosthetic system has been researched by combination of flexible nanowires, 3-dimensional microelectrode arrays and ASICs, which has not been studied by others.

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Bacteria based Biomedical Microrobot Technology

A major focus of drug delivery system is the study and development of polymers with varying degradation rate to deliver specific amount of drugs at specific target area.

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Thank you for visiting us

Thank you for visiting the Nano/Micro Systems & Controls Lab at Seoul National University.

The purpose of engineering is to improve the Quality of Life (QoL). To realize this goal, we have been actively involved with both fundamental and application research in controls, sensors and MEMS. Our active research resulted in 125 international journal articles, 32 international patents, 30 Korean journal articles, and 83 Korean patents, as of January 31, 2018. Our research results have received high academic recognitions by professional peers (more than 4,300 citations in Google), and our development results have been well utilized by industry (more than 50 patents licensed).

A total of 20 Ph. D and 45 Master students have graduated, and almost all of them are actively pursuing their careers in related fields, as professors, entrepreneurs, engineers, researchers, and venture capital analysts in both Korea and U.S. Currently, 7 Ph.D. and 7 Master candidate students are researching various areas, such as bio-mimetic robots, quantum information processing, sensors and sensor platforms, bio MEMS, and robotic servo and control systems.

We will continue to expend our best efforts to improving the QoL through excellence in engineering, to make a better world.



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