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Bio-inspired Sensors for Biomimetic Robots

Biomimetic robot research was initiated with the inspiration from the mobility, functionality and the intelligent operation of biological creatures.

We investigate motion sensors and structural mechanisms to be able to carry out missions such as reconnaissance and surveillance.

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Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) with a combination of Vision and MEMS Inertial Sensor

SLAM is a computational technology such as constructing and updating a map of unknown environment. NML is interested in developing the SLAM algorithm for home service robot.

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MEMS Ion traps for Quantum Information Processing

Ion trap is the most significant device for long-distance quantum communication. We developed the ion trap for the first time in Asia using unique MEMS technologies.

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Micro Sensor with a Combination of Unique MEMS and CMOS Technologies.

Based on unique know-hows developed by NML since 1991, various micro sensors have been researched and commercialized for numerous applications.

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Tuningless, High-performance Servo Drive Control

High-performance and high-precision servo drive control technologies without tuning processes have been developed for various industrial applications. Numerous NML technologies have been commercialized and applied to various industrial environments.

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Retinal Prosthetic System using MEMS, CMOS, and Bio technologies

Retinal prosthetic system has been researched by combination of flexible nanowires, 3-dimensional microelectrode arrays and ASICs, which has not been studied by others.

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Bacteria based Biomedical Microrobot Technology

A major focus of drug delivery system is the study and development of polymers with varying degradation rate to deliver specific amount of drugs at specific target area.

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이태재 박사, 한지석 박사과정, ICCAS 2017 best presentation award 수상

2017-12-18 11:15

지난 10월 19일, 제어로봇시스템학회(ICROS)에서 주관하는 ICCAS 2017 포스터 세션에서 에서 우리 연구실 출신인 이태재 박사(사진 왼쪽), 한지석 박사과정(사진 오른쪽 )이 best presentation award를 수상하였습니다.

해당 논문 명
- Convolutional neural network-based pose-graph SLAM system using a monocular vision sensor
(박정원, 이태재, 김철홍, 조동일 교수님)
- Gain selection method for robustness enhancement in sliding mode control combined with decoupled disturbance compensator with unknown inertia in industrial servo systems
(한지석, 김태일, 박지호, 오태호, 이지형, 김상오, 이상섭, 이상훈, 조동일 교수님)

* 링크: http://2017.iccas.org/?page_id=941

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